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Effective Solutions for
Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Experience the most advanced interactive training technology in health care

Interactive Lessons

Industry subject matter experts serve as your personal guide as you experience immersive virtual training modules.


Our regenerative cell medicine online courses are accessible anytime and on any device, training can be completed from home or at the office.

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Welcome to PBS University:
Business Mastery for Healthcare

Rule #1: Your business cannot outgrow YOU. It will always reach the limit of your ability, and never further. What problems are holding you back in practice? Earning enough income? Getting new patients? Finding great staff? What if you had the answers to those problems at your finger tips?

Imagine having unrestricted access to your own personal coach to guide you through each step in building a 7-figure healthcare business. Someone to mentor you and train your staff on solutions and strategies to handle ANY situation that arises. Someone that never needs a break and never gets tired. Someone who holds your staff accountable, tests their knowledge and reports back to you regularly. How would that change your business?

As doctors trying to be entrepreneurs we are faced with a multitude of challenges. It’s foolish to think you can continue to do the same thing and survive, much less thrive. You need experts AND skilled entrepreneurs to navigate the changes. For the first time in your career you have unlimited access to proven tools to remove the pressure of day-to-day operations without burning out. The only question is will you continue to hide and struggle, or are you ready to get to work? If so, PBS University can change your life TODAY.

An image of musculature from PBS University (the best online regenerative cell medicine training on the web
Virtual Interactivity
Virtual Interactivity

Uniquely designed testing mechanisms allow users to actively participate and engage during training to foster comprehension and retention.

Easy To Use Interface
Easy To Use Interface

The web-based interactive training and communication platform makes navigation simple for all skill levels. Log in and you’ll be able to begin training with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Built In Accountability
Built In Accountability

State-of-the-art, integrated features track, measure and monitor progress with comprehensive reports and alert notifications directly to email or SMS in real-time.


My practice now runs all by itself and I am able to continue to do other things with my family without being tied to my practice. The amazing thing is that after trying for over 20 years PBS help me do it in less than six months.
JK, New York
Every day we see more and more patients that are completely different than the ones I have seen in my first 10 years of practice. This model continues to attract patients that would not have normally coming to my chiropractic practice and I love it.
DM, California
Learn At Your Pace

Repeat and review key courses and exercises as users advance through the training to ensure comprehension.

All Browsers

Access your training anytime on any web-enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device to match your on-the-go lifestyle.

Get Certified

Attain your Certificate of Completion once all videos and quizzes have been completed.