Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Course

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Course Description:

How many of your patients suffer from weight gain, lack of energy, poor sleep, loss of muscle mass, depression, lack of focus, loss of sex drive or lack of stamina? Better understanding the role that hormones play in our physical, mental and sexual health may be the key to reversing your patient’s health problems. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a safe, effective way to help patients regain their health and alleviate these conditions robbing them of their quality of life.

This course will show you how to implement this low-risk, high-reward service into your practice. It starts with sourcing the highest qualities hormones and walks you through each step in creating a thriving HRT program in your clinic. From target marketing and sales to clinical precision and patient satisfaction, this course is vital to your success in hormone replacement therapy.

What You will Get in the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Course:


  • The safest and most effective HRT protocols for long-term patient retention
  • Where and how to source your bio-identical hormones, without giving away 60% of your revenue
  • Simple and effective marketing techniques to drive a never-ending flow of new patients into your clinic
  • How to perform a proper HRT consultation to start every qualified patient on your program
  • The secret to standing out: how to set yourself apart from “every other” clinic offering HRT
  • Business processes made simple, so your staff can do the work
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