Core Fundamentals of Integrative Medicine Course

Core Fundamentals of Integrative Medicine Course Description:

More than ever, today’s healthcare system is divided. Not among professions, as it once was, but among treatment philosophies. Patients are tired of being force-fed prescription medications and surgeries. Physicians are tired of getting paid less to do the same work, or getting paid the same for twice the effort. There is a growing divide: On the one side there’s allopathic medicine, hospitals and big pharma; on the other there’s regenerative medicine, functional medicine, chiropractic and preventative healthcare. To further complicate things, skilled healthcare providers must also be effective entrepreneurs if they want to avoid being swallowed up by the monster that is today’s healthcare system. Hospitals are being built, deductibles are climbing and private practices are going under. What is the resolution? In comes integrative healthcare.

In this course you’ll learn the vital components of building a multidisciplinary healthcare clinic- doctors working with nurse practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists and acupuncturists under the same roof, with the patient’s well-being at the forefront. Using the latest technology to save patients from harmful prescription drugs and unnecessary surgeries, we’ll show you how to tap into your true growth potential. Whether you’re a small, one-room practice or an icon in your town, this module will show you how to simplify your processes and multiply your growth.

Core Fundamentals of Integrative Medicine Course:


  • A proven, structured approach to implementing each phase of the integration process
  • The vital lessons most integrated doctors have to learn the hard way
  • The step-by-step path to successful medical integration, from choosing a name for your new clinic to creating a brand in your community
  • How to find, hire and collaborate with other healthcare providers to create a system where your patient thrives
  • A simple, organization management system that allows the owner to manage staff from anywhere
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