Regenerative Medicine Course

Regenerative Medicine Course Description:

Doctors today are faced with more challenges than at any point in the history of medicine. With deteriorating insurance coverage and the pitfalls of entrepreneurship, it’s easy to get distracted from our true purpose, helping others regain their health. There’s only one service that promises to cure what ails the patient and doctor: regenerative cellular medicine – harnessing the power of the cell to theoretically treat any ailment known to man. In practical terms, thousands of doctors and tens of thousands of patients have already experienced its extraordinary capacity to alleviate osteoarthritis and other orthopedic conditions. Many doctors would love to add this incredible therapy to their practice, but where do you start?

This course is designed to help doctors implement the foundational components of a flourishing regenerative medicine program, then build an icon of health and wellness in their community. There are incredible clinical programs available, but to help as many patients as possible you must master the fundamentals of marketing, patient education, sales and leadership. The top regenerative medicine doctors have sought our help to disseminate this life-changing technology, this course will bring those same amazing strategies and techniques to you.

What You will Get in the Regenerative Medicine Course:


  • The exact process, guaranteed to produce a thriving regenerative medicine program
  • The key players to building an all-star team and their roles broken down into their own training course
  • Target marketing strategies and advanced techniques to keep a never-ending flow of new patients
  • The difference between good and great: how to perform effective lectures
  • Individualized courses for managers, speakers, sales people, medical providers and administrators
  • Joint injection training for Medical Providers
  • How to handle the 21 most common patient concerns and objections that can kill a regenerative medicine sale
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